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Candle wrap light up your life


BleuBay's BleuBay candles are not just candles. Their unique design can bring luxury and wonderful aromatherapy experience. These tasteful, attractive candles are known for their smokeless wicks and use "pure" wax and essential oils. There are a total of 16 different fragrance types, each with 11 different sizes. The package includes a distinctive light blue-blue fine-grained cardboard box with an embossed hoop label and a hanging tag that is secured with Rafia straps. High-grade appearance and casual rural atmosphere. The tubular canister designed and patterned by Studio Morris in Los Angeles was printed on the Carnival Felt Stellar by Design Media (903/938-8300). It contained a heavy glass cup filled with delicate and aromatic food-grade candles. The company claims that the product's renewable packaging is printed using soybean-made ink as much as possible. The tube was manufactured by Chicago Paper Tube and the labels, tags and tapes were printed by McDowell Label. This gift box package is in harmony with the aromatic candles inside it, which conveys a sense of exclusivity, relaxation, and stress relief.

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