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Craft candles are a high-tech crystallization


Craft candles are divided into different series according to different functions and USES. Each series has its own unique side, and the effects shown are also different. For example, the incense burning process candles with fragrance can release aroma and air atmosphere.

Plant essence is added into the exquisite and beautiful aroma therapy candle, which can emit pleasant fragrance when burning. It can soothe nerves and eliminate depression. Liquid color candle is fashionable at present euramerican country, when burning, can produce bright and dazzing color flame, suit to put in the container of each different form, make colourful romance atmosphere.

Still have color and music are an organic whole music craft candle, in burning process can release not only dazzling brilliance, still can release all sorts of music, it is the necessary article that people gets together when adjusting atmosphere;

Also has the jelly crystal candle's shape exquisite relief, the color comparison has the texture, put in the glass container, looks extremely has the ornamental sense. Craft candle is the crystal of high technology, its raw material is high polymer, have turbidity color, do not smoke, avirulent, do not pollute, do not have delirium, odour is pleasant wait for a characteristic, its burning time is 3-4 times than common candle.

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