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DIY bear tumbler candle


Material tools: paraffin, soft wax, cotton rope, twisted eggshell, bamboo stick, spoon, thermometer, stainless steel pot, black crystal furnace, scorpion
     1. White wax and beeswax (soft wax) are phase-fused at a ratio of 9:1.
     2. When the wax liquid to be melted is cooled until the surface is solidified, it is stirred into a wax flower.
     3. Apply oil to the mold-changing model. After filling the wax, seal the two halves. (If the wax is too cold in the process, it will lose its adhesion, and it can be put back to the heat source and heated slightly)
     4. Pass the bamboo stick through the original hole of the twisted egg. After cooling, remove the bamboo stick and release the mold.
     5. Pass the candle through the hole through the bamboo stick and flatten the shape.
     6. Pinch out the five senses and hands and feet of the bear with colored soft wax soil to complete the shape.
     7. Pass the bear candle to the wax at 85 ° C quickly, then soak it in cold water.
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