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DIY waste cans made of metal cover handmade candlestick


When we eat some glass canned foods, don't discard the metal lid on the jar. The metal lid of the discarded can can be used to make a very beautiful candlestick, which is very easy to learn and hand-made. After the lid is colored, a layer of bud ribbon is applied to the edge. For the sake of beauty, it is also possible to cut out various patterns of small flowers with metal sheets, and fix them in the center of the inner surface as a decoration.
Preparation materials: metal lids for waste cans, lace, acrylic paint, colored ribbons
Creative Home: The method of making a candlestick by using the metal lid DIY of the waste can is as follows:
1. Adjust your favorite pigments and apply blue pigment to the metal cover of the waste can.
2. Paste the beautiful colored paper and ribbon on the front and side of the metal cover of the discarded can. You can match the color according to your own preference.
Is it interesting to put a small candle holder on a holiday or a love story to create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere? ! Like the hand-made friends, try it out, and prepare the materials and tools to be completed in just a few minutes (of course not the time to dry the paint)
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