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Small coups help you solve the problem of candle oil


 It is very common to use candles in life, but many people hate the burning of candle oil when the candle is lit. Is there any way to solve this problem? Candles today teach you some tips to avoid or reduce the "tears" of candles.
Birthday candle:
   The birthday candles are inserted on the cake when they are lit. The tears that flow down are not beautiful and will affect the food on the cake. What should I do? It can be frozen in the freezer of the refrigerator for 24 hours before the birthday candle is used, and then inserted into the cake, so that the overall temperature of the candle is relatively low, and after the ignition, there is no candle oil flowing down and the cake is soiled.
Lighting candle:
   If the lighting candle is more "tears", the use time will have a great impact. First of all, we can put the candle in a transparent windproof cup or windshield, which can reduce the sway of the candle, the candle will not flow naturally; the second is to cut the wick often, the long wick will bend down Melting the surrounding candles creates more "flooding" of the candle.
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