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AnasayfaSanayi BilgisiThe correct display method of craft candles

The correct display method of craft candles

A pair of slender candles or cone-shaped candles are tied to the ribbon, and then decorated with dried rose buds, not only beautiful, but also a faint fragrance. It is also a great match to put the candle in the water. The surface of the water is shimmering, such as the candlelight, and the floating candle has its own enchanting beauty. The candles float naturally on the surface of the water. These simple shapes and small candles can burn for a long time. With a clear, transparent glass bowl, you can also sprinkle fresh petals on the surface of the water, or sprinkle some fresh rosebuds around a simple floating candle. Large flowers with visual impact should be chosen. The gerbera and anemone shapes are prominent and colorful, making them ideal choices.

Candles and flowers are also a wonderful match. Ordinary candles can be decorated on the surface or printed with simple flower patterns. In special occasions, you can insert flowers indoors with a suitable candle or a corolla on the base of the candle. The key to success in this area is that only one type of flower can be used to avoid various flavors. At the same time, the use of aromatic candles should be avoided, as the scent of the candles can easily overshadow the scent of fresh flowers.

The flame of the craft candle has a hypnotic soothing that can help sleep and rejuvenate. Candles have a trait that is unmatched by other artificial lighting, a soft and moisturizing one that is homogeneous in sleep.

Burning three or two sweet birthday candles in the bedroom, or placing a bunch of sparkling tea waxes, will provoke your senses and make everything immersed in the candlelight. No one can deny that the candle represents romance, especially the small cluster of sensuality that comes from the red candles, which will surely speed up your pulse, as if you see a close lover.

Put the candles in groups around the bed, or put them in front of the window to enhance the soft and delicate light. You can use a variety of containers in your home: simple glassware, colored bowls, flower pots, even biscuit cans and trays, can be used as containers for collecting shiny candles. In order to make the display more individual, you can also draw some simple heart-shaped patterns on ordinary candles.
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