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The origin and meaning of wedding candles in China


Mentioned about wedding candles are generally thought of the dragon and phoenix candles of Chinese weddings, the hand-held candles used in the candle ceremony of Western-style weddings, candlesticks, and so on. The shape and use of wedding candles are ever-changing, but the origin and meaning of candles in Chinese and Western weddings are different. Today, Xiaobian tells you the ancient secret of wedding candles!
The origin and meaning of Chinese dragon and phoenix candle:
 According to the Chinese tradition, receiving the bride's family's bride price, preparing the daughter's dowry is the top priority of the woman's family! In addition to the traditional "six cards" and "three treasures", the dowry must-have items are essential!
    Longfeng has always had the meaning of “Longfeng Chengxiang”. It has always been regarded as the marriage mascot of the Chinese nation. It is a combination of the two, and the combination of the two can create an extraordinary auspicious environment. Use the dragon and the phoenix to compare the marriage to a newcomer. Don't have a special meaning. In the traditional wedding ceremony, the bridal chamber night must be the bride's deliberately brought the dragon and the phoenix wax from the maiden to witness the love and pray for marriage.
    However, the young people who are now married are not paying attention to this. The dragon and phoenix candles usually become the decoration of the wedding room, in order to paint a piece of auspiciousness, add the wedding joy, the meaning is just fine.
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