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The origin of the candle


Candles originated from the torches of the primitive era. The primitive people applied fat or wax to the bark or wood chips and bundled them together to make a torch for lighting. The beeswax that appeared around the 3rd century BC may be the prototype of the candle seen today.
In the West, for a period of time, bees were used in the monasteries to make beeswax, mainly because the Catholic Church believed that beeswax was a symbol of virginity, so that beeswax was regarded as pure light and was worshipped on the altar of the church. . From the existing literature, the time of beeswax produced in China is roughly the same as that in the West. Japan introduced this kind of candle from China during the Nara period (710-784). Compared with modern candles, ancient candles have many shortcomings. .
Li Shangyin, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, had a verse that "When you cut the western window candle." Why do poets cut the candle? At that time, the candle heart was made of cotton, standing upright in the center of the flame, and charring due to the inability to burn out, so the end of the remaining candle must be cut off with scissors from time to time. This is undoubtedly a troublesome thing. In 1820, the Frenchman Bachsheel invented the candlestick made of three cotton threads, which made the candle heart naturally loose when it burned, and the end just turned to the outside of the flame, so it could be completely burned. However, the candle has yet to be further improved. Its materials are generally animal fats with many shortcomings. The solution to this problem is Schauller et al.
The flame of the candle is hypnotized to help sleep and rejuvenate. Candles have a trait that is unmatched by other artificial lighting, a soft and moisturizing one that is homogeneous in sleep.
Burning three or two sweet church candles in the bedroom, or placing a cluster of sparkling tea wax, will provoke your senses and immerse everything in the candlelight. No one can deny that the candle represents romance, especially the small cluster of sensuality that comes from the red candles, which will surely speed up your pulse, as if you see a close lover.
Put the candles in groups around the bed, or put them in front of the window to enhance the soft and delicate light. You can use a variety of containers in your home: simple glassware, colored bowls, flower pots, even biscuit cans and trays, can be used as containers for collecting shiny candles. In order to make the display more individual, you can also draw some simple heart-shaped patterns on ordinary candles.
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