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The ultimate game of scented candles


The scented candle has a fresh, pleasant scent. Different from traditional candles, scented candles are a kind of craft candle. They are rich in appearance and beautiful in color. They contain natural plant essential oils, which emit pleasant fragrance when burned. They have beauty care and soothing nerves. It purifies the air and eliminates the effects of odor. Aromatherapy candles have become a way to regulate the taste of life.
Identify wax bodies
When choosing a scented candle, the preferred wax composition is a vegetable wax and a soy candle. Vegetable wax and soybean wax are phytochemical non-polluting materials and will not cause harm to the human body. Paraffin wax is usually non-toxic. It is mainly composed of carbon and hydrogen. It does not completely produce carbon monoxide when burning. It should be ventilated during combustion to avoid accidents.
The simple way to identify bean or vegetable wax is to ignite and pinch. The melting point of paraffin wax is relatively high, about 60 °, it will be very hot when it is dripped by candle tears. Plant wax and soy wax have a melting point of only 30°, which is lower than body temperature and is warm to the touch. It is easy to clean up with less black smoke, a positive smell, and dripping onto the clothes on the ground.
Choose aroma
When choosing a scented candle, you need to pay attention to the aroma component of the scented candle. Different flavor ingredients have different effects. Common flavor components are as follows:
1) Rosemary can invigorate the spirit, enhance memory, and help to think.
2) Eucalyptus tree is a natural cold treatment and can prevent rhinitis. Note: Avoid using high blood pressure and epilepsy patients.
3) Chamomile can make the body and mind extremely calm.
4) Lavender, calming, soothing and balancing, can restore tension to a state of calm, and help sleep and relieve headaches. Note: Patients with hypotension and pregnant women should avoid using them.
5) Mint, with refreshing refreshing and clarifying thoughts, is particularly effective for stomach and digestive system discomfort. Note: Pregnant women should avoid using it.
6) Lemon helps restore your spirits and keep your mind clear.
Lily has the effect of clearing away heat and worrying, moistening the lungs and relieving cough, calming and calming the nerves.
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