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What color is the birthday candle? How many years do each color represent?


Birthday candle color: The yellow color is bleak. It means 1 in the growth period, blue means the middle-aged person is darker, the table is strong, so it is 3, white means the late hair is white, and many things are experienced, so it is 5 .
First, the birthday of the candle Chinese people are counted according to the virtual age: 1 year old, 2 years old 2, 3 years old 3 ... 9 years old 9 years, 10 years old 10 pieces. From the age of 10, there is no ritual on the little birthday. Then there are: 20 years old 2, 30 years old 3, 40 years old 4, 50 years old 5, 60 years old 6 years old, 70 years old 7 sets, 80 years old 8 sets, 90 years old 9 sets, 100 years old 10 sets. If you have a birthday on a small birthday, there are various numbers in the cake shop that can be inserted on the cake. At the age of 38, you can ask for a "38" sign in the store. 10 years old, a round, rounded off. If it is a small candle, 21 can also be plugged in 21, or 2 big and 1 small; 38 is the same, either fully inserted, or simply, the big one The representative is 10 years old, and the rest is replaced by a small root.
Second, how to put a birthday candle
If you want to be a little more dense, you can sell more candles and put them one by one. If you want to be a little bit, then put one by one, then take the two candles in the middle, just like That's it. In order to have a good visual effect, after you have finished, you can't change it any more.
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